“Os Experimentos em Animais ATRASAM o progresso da ciência”.

fevereiro 02, 2011

A Unilever respondeu!

Resposta da Unilever a uma amiga:

 At last I can feel a small breeze of change :)

Hello from Unilever,Thank you for your email. We take your views seriously. We are committed to eliminating animal testing. That is why we have been leading our industry and investing €3 million a year for the past 7 years on developing alternative non-animal testing methods. We are actively trying to accelerate the approval of these testing protocols by authorities. In addition, Unilever is committing to no animal testing for our tea and tea-based beverages, with immediate effect (http://unilever.com/sustainability/news/news/default.aspx). This is in line with the positioning of our tea category as a leader in environmental sustainability and the ethical sourcing of tea. However, there are still several countries where we are still legally required to test the safety of our products as a condition for us being allowed on the market, and in these cases the testing will be provided by third parties. The issue is a complex one and more information is available at:http://unilever.com/sustainability/consumer/testing/?WT.LHNAV=Developing_alternative_approaches_to_animal_testingThank you for taking the time to contact us and for giving us the opportunity to respond; we hope that the enclosed information is helpful. Let me assure you that your comments are extremely valuable to us and will be shared with those persons responsible for our product development. Yours sincerely, External Affairs DepartmentUnilever PLCRegistered in London number 41424www.unilever.com

Não posso dizer que sejam más noticias. Acho muito bem que invistam na eliminação dos testes em animais. Se não houvesse alternativa... mas já há!

Enquanto continuarem a praticar este tipo de testes não lhes compro nada e talvez até seja por isso que me responderam uma vez que fiz questão de vincar essa minha decisão.

Aqui estão alguns dos produtos da Unilever (!tudo o que seja da Unilever é testado em animais!)

Mas  não só a Unilever

Eis mais algumas marcas cruéis:

Johnson & Johnson

Fonte: Carla (Facebook)

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